Code of Conduct

LYPz shall practice with integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness and shall recognize their responsibility to their clients, clients’ pets, clients’ property, and society in general.  

The welfare of clients’ pets shall be paramount and shall not be made subordinate to commercial consideration.  

LYPz shall maintain professional relationships with their clients and shall not exploit such relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain, nor seek inappropriately to impose their own values on clients. LYPz shall not disclose any personal or private information about their clients.  

LYPz shall not leave dogs unattended except for short periods only (2-3 hours) or as agreed with owners. In the case of an emergency an allocated key holder,  has access.

LYPz shall ensure pets are walked/cared for according to owner’s instructions at all times i.e. on or off the lead allowances. LYPz will ensure proper control at all times, walk on roadways and sidewalks, try to keep pets off of other people’s properties (within 4-6 ft of the street), not allowing dogs to water on personal property structures such as mailboxes, garbage cans, light standards, etc, and will pick up all refuse and dispose as per owners’ instructions.

LYPz shall only transport dogs under their care with permission of the owner or in cases of emergency i.e. to visit a Vet. Confirmed permission is given by the owner on completion of the booking form unless stated otherwise. 

LYPz shall keep safe the provided records of all current dogs under their care for immediate reference i.e. contact details, feeding, exercise and veterinary details in case of emergency. 

LYPz shall abide by all National and Local Laws and Bylaws.

Any LYPz approved care givers are required to accept and abide by this code, and to abide by and observe any other rules, regulations and pronouncements of LYPz.