From Kathy B. before the family moved away.

Thank you for being so .... friendly, reliable, flexible, accommodating, helpful, and tolerant of Zoey's stubborn streak! We were lucky to find you and wish you the best in your ever-revolving/changing 'route'.  If you ever want to use us reference, feel free- I'd be happy to sing your praises.

Facebook Review by dog and cat owner, Nancy F.

Michelle is trustworthy, warm and friendly to both my dog and my two cats. She has gone the extra mile for me many times and just today she leaves this little treat for Valentine's Day at the door. She is off the chart with my rating!!

From Sandy H. following her vacation:

Thank you so very much for taking care - (excuse me) - exceptional care of my 6 babies while I was away.  Daisy is our family member and it's so important to me that she feel safe, secure and happy when I cannot bring her with me.  Thank you for providing her with exactly that!! Also thank you for not batting an eye at my particularity for my FIVE guinea pigs. Haha.  I hope you will come back to care for everyone for years to come!


Facebook Review by Patty C.

Thank you for taking good care of my baby "Henry". We are so happy to have met you and were nervous starting with a new service! My dog is my understood right from the start! Thank you! Highly recommend! 

Facebook Review by cat lover, Rebecca G.

I just love Michelle! When I'm away, I can relax knowing that my kitty is being well fed and getting playtime - even if it's his version of lazy, laying down playtime! He's a bit fussy and Michelle "gets" him. Extra bonus? Daily updates complete with pictures and humor!

Facebook Review by Laurie P.

Michelle is our rag doll kitty ''whisperer". We highly recommend her to care for your furry-loved ones!! She has enabled us to leave our boys knowing they are well entertained and cared for! We trust her explicitly in our home and have experienced her great judgement even under emergency weather situations. She is truly the ULTIMATE lifesaver!! >^.^<

"The difference between friends and pets is that friends, we allow into our company. Pets, we allow into our solitude."

~ Robert Brault

I'm always humbled and grateful when my clients take the time to write a quick thank you note, or review, to tell me they were happy––and more importantly, that their fur babies were happy––with my care. Thank YOU for your votes of confidence and referrals!

​Post-vacation text from Peggy L.